Christmas Post 2013

This year the scouts ran a Christmas Post Service for the Mitcheldean village as a fundraising excercise.

For the cost of 25p per stamp the Scouts delivered Christmas cards to any address in Mitcheldean village (see map).

All cards will require a full address. The service ran from 25th November until Friday 13th December.

With the rising costs of postage we hope that this scheme will help, in a small way, to reduce the cost of Christmas – as well as being a positive community project.

Locations for post boxes were:
    St Michael’s Church
    Forest Gate Church
    The library

Stamps were available from:
    The Library
    KCL Hairdressers
    Kevin’s Butchers
    Lavender’s Blue
    Over the Top (above Kevin’s)

If you have any questions concerning the scheme, please do not hesitate to contact us or look out for us selling stamps over the next few weeks.

Delivery Area
Christmas Post Delivery Area

Christmas Post Poster