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October 2013
Beavers – Sausage Making
The Beavers visited Kevin’s Butchers in Mitcheldean and learned about the ingredients that pork sausages are made from, had the opportunity to ‘feed’ the mincer and then use the sausage filler to make sausages. The Beavers then took their sausages home and many have said they enjoyed eating them the following day.

Beavers – Fire Station visit
The Beavers also enjoyed a visit to Cinderford Fire Station where they were shown all the equipment and had a chance to use the water hoses – great fun and very educational.

Cubs – Tae Kwon Do!
Cubs - Tae Kwon Do!
The Cubs had a visit from Cinderford Tae Kwon-Do at Mitcheldean Community Centre.

Scouts – Church Abseil
The Scouts had an evening of abseiling down St Michaels Church, Mitcheldean with the new troop members being invested.

Cubs & Scouts – Birds of Prey
We had a visit from some Birds of Prey where the Cubs and Scouts saw how the birds of prey could easily and silently capture their prey and they had the chance to hold some of the birds.

July 2013
Beavers – introduction to Snakes
Andy the ‘snake man’ brought 3 snakes into Beavers and explained the differences between the types of snakes and how to care for them. Each Beaver had the chance to feel the scales or hold the snakes and they all listened intently before asking questions.

Robin Hood Cub Camp – Beaver Lodge, Parkend.
We recently had a one night camp at Beaver Lodge for our cubs with a Robin Hood theme.
Included in the activities were Archery, locating the ‘gold’ and avoiding the Sheriff of Nottigham’s men in the forest.
The cubs also got wet with a duel with swords (pipe insulation) across the stream.

Scouts Photography
The Scouts visited a local photo studio in the village.

June 2013
Beavers – Nature Scavenger Hunt
The Beavers went for a scavenger hunt through the local woods.

Cubs – Bike Checkup and Putting Up Tents
Ready for the forthcoming Bike Ride and Cub Camp activities the Cubs this week learnt basic bike maintenance as well as learning how the tents are put up ready for the cub camp.

Scouts – Malvern Challenge
Ten of our Scouts Scouts attended the Malvern Challenge weekend and took part in the many activities there.